The Exowave WEC element, also known as oscillating wave surge converter, extracts the kinetic energy available in the wave induced orbital water particles motion through a bottom-hinged flap.

The device is intended to be installed in waters up to 40 meters depth, allowing for boats to sail above the converter itself and ensuring zero visual impact.

It can be installed for electrical power production independently or nearby offshore structures such as offshore wind turbines or substations. This would present numerous advantages, such as:

  • The possibility of sharing electrical equipment and other facilities;
  • Maximizing utilization of wind farm infrastructures, compensating for the natural intermittent nature of wind;
  • Protection from extreme forces developed in storms by natural wave breaking;
  • Reduced installation and maintenance costs;
  • Low visual and environmental impacts.

The technology can also be applied for desalination purposes, tackling one of the biggest issues in the world right now – clean drinking water.