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Lars Wigant
Hannes Reuter
Chairman of the Board
Poul Winslow
Board Member
Gabriele Rampinelli
Board Member
Michael Smedegaard
Board Member

Exowave has developed a unique, highly efficient and modular technology to convert ocean energy into renewable electricity, fresh drinkable water and clean water for power-to-x.

The founders of Exowave are entrepreneurs, with successful track records of starting companies from scratch.

We operate worldwide, with the operational team based in Esbjerg, in the heart of the energy capital of Denmark, a country with a long-standing tradition of developing ground breaking environmental solutions.

The company owns the worldwide intellectual property rights of the Exowave wave energy converter (WEC) technology.

Exowave HQ office at the House of Offshore Innovation in Esbjerg. Management located in Denmark, Germany and Italy.