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This site uses cookies with the aim of making the use of its contents as simple and efficient as possible for the user. The user is provided with the following information, about the type of cookies that this site uses, with the related purposes of use, and instructions on how to manage their preferences, including how to reject or delete cookies. This information is provided pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 – Personal Data Protection Code, to those who interact with the Exowave Aps website:

Information on cookies
Cookies are small text files that the sites visited by the user send to the device used for browsing, typically to the browser app. They contain basic information on Internet browsing, with the main purpose of optimizing the user experience. By way of example, cookies can be used to store the preferences entered, avoid re-inserting several times during a visit information such as “User Name” and “Password”, measure the use of certain services by the user and present targeted advertising information based on the interests expressed by the user through the behavior shown during navigation. These files are stored on the device used for browsing through the browser, which re-transmits them to the website that sent them during a second visit by the user. In this way cookies are recognized by the website at each subsequent connection. The cookies used by this site fall into the categories described below.

Cookies used by this Website

Technical cookies
Technical cookies are necessary to ensure the correct functioning of some areas of the site; in the absence of this type of cookie, some sections of the site may not work properly, and some features may be compromised. For this reason, the use of technical cookies does not require the prior consent of the user, and cookies are installed on the device used for navigation automatically, following access to the site.

There are two categories of technical cookies: section cookies, which are deleted when the browser is closed, and persistent cookies, which, on the contrary, expire on a specific date or after a certain period of time. This site uses both types of technical cookies, to ensure its users the best browsing experience. They will therefore always be used to sent to the user’s device, unless browser settings are changed (preventing the correct display of the site pages).

Statistical cookies
Cookies in this category are used to gather information on the use of the site by users. This type of cookie collects aggregated information, anonymous, on the activity of users on the site and on the pages visited. Cookies in this category are either first-party, that is, sent to the browser directly from the site itself, or third-party, sent from other domains. This information, completely anonymous, can be used for statistical analysis, to improve and optimize the experience of the user who visits the site, as well as to monitor its correct functioning. In this regard, the User is invited to read the information on the use of cookies by Google Analytics at the following link:

Cookies Management
With regards to technical cookies, according to the law, it is not necessary to request the user’s consent, as they are considered necessary to provide the services requested by the user.
For the other categories of cookies, the user can express his consent, in accordance with current legislation, by configuring the browser. Most browsers accept the use of cookies by default. In this case, any website can send its own cookies to the user’s browser. However, you can change these settings directly from the browser menu. It is thus possible to totally block the storage of cookies on your device, as well as set your preferences about third-party cookies or delete all cookies already present in the system.

Microsoft Edge
Menù – Settings – Advanced – Cookie

Mozilla Firefox
Menù – Settings – Privacy & Safety

Google Chrome
Menù – Settings – Advanced – Privacy & Safety – Content Settings – Cookie

Menù – Browser Settings – Cookie

If you are using another browser you can still click on the “Help” menu item, from which you can access the necessary information. We remind you that if you decide to totally block cookies on your device, it will no longer be possible to guarantee the correct operation of this website (as well as other sites), as some features may be compromised.

More Information
For more information about the management of cookies and the rights of the user regarding their privacy, users are invited to visit the following online platforms: