Integration with an Offshore Wind Farm

Ref. Orsted, Walney Offshore Wind Farm

Offshore wind farms run between 90% – 100% of their rated power less than 5% of the time; for the remaining 95% of the time, the substation, transformer and electrical grid are under-utilized and could potentially transfer power generated by ocean waves.

A 200MW offshore windfarm could thus easily accommodate a 20MW Exowave plant. A design study for a wind farm in northern UK provides the following project-investment calculation*:

  • > 20% IRR
  • EUR 24 million CAPEX
  • 70 GWh/y green electricity
  • 55.000 tons/y avoided CO2

Offshore windfarms represent an excellent application for ExoWave:

  • Typical water depth of 10-40 m is ideal
  • Generally, wind farm locations benefit from good wave-power conditions
  • Ocean power is less intermittent and more predictable than wind power
  • Good synergy through available electrical infrastructure
  • Possibility to tap into existing feed-in tariffs
  • Cumulated Exowave market segment potential of EUR 5 billion by 2030

(*) Actual calculations contingent on detailed design and project specifics