Large scale stand-alone power generation

Exowave is competitive to other sources of power generation and has significant advantages related to solar and wind. Besides the absence of visual impact, wavepower is more predictable and less intermittent.

A calculation for a merchant plant (no subsidy, no feed in tariff) of a 100MW Exowave plant in Australia provides the following project investment calculation*:

  • >10% IRR
  • EUR 105 million CAPEX
  • 350GWh/y green electricity
  • 300.000 tons/y avoided CO2

Exowave is a perfect addition to the renewable power generation mix:

  • No visual impact
  • Being installed offshore, no use of precious land
  • High amount of possible locations, with 620.000 km of coastline worldwide
  • Ocean power is less intermittent and more predictable than wind power
  • No emissions such as noise, shadow flicker, sun reflection

(*) Actual calculations contingent on detailed design and project specifics