Supply fresh water and electricity to islands

Around 11% of world’s population live on islands. Most islands rely on oil, gas or coal imports to generate electricity and potable water.

An Exowave plant can easily meet the water and energy demands of small and medium-sized islands.

A design study for an island in the Pacific with 10.000 inhabitants provides the following project-investment calculation*:

  • > 20% IRR
  • EUR 5,8 million CAPEX
  • 0,7 million m³/y of fresh water
  • 10 GWh/y of green electricity
  • 16.000 tons/y of avoided CO2

Exowave is the perfect solution to provide power and water to islands:

  • Short distance of Exowave plant to consumer
  • Replacement of expensive oil or coal imports
  • No pollution
  • Flexible production share mix of water and power
  • There are thousands of islands with 100.000 inhabitants or less

(*) Actual calculations contingent on detailed design and project specifics