Water supplied to farmers in arid regions

Let us take Africa as example, where agriculture has a massive social and economic footprint. In fact, more than 60% of the sub-Saharan population are smallholder farmers.

However, water scarcity in the region has a disastrous effect on agricultural performance; this, in turn, drives mass migration to cities or abroad.

A small Exowave plant could deliver enough clean water to run a mid-sized farm. A design study of a small Exowave plant for an arid, coastal location in Namibia provides the following project investment calculation*:

  • >20% IRR
  • EUR 120.000 CAPEX
  • 17.000 m³/y fresh water produced, suitable for:
  • ~ 600 cattle or 7500 sheep, or
  • ~ 55 tons/y of for example maize / sugar beets.

Exowave is an excellent application for farmers in arid, coastal regions:

  • Extremely cost efficient
  • Fully self-sufficient system
  • No noise or pollutant emissions
  • Very low maintenance requirement
  • Reduces poverty, increases employment and health

(*) Actual calculations contingent on detailed design and project specifics